SEEM 2014


The EAU 10th South Eastern European Meeting (SEEM) will be held in Belgrade, Serbia from 24 to 26 October. From last year, the EAU Executive and the Board of the Regional Office implemented major changes and invested significant resources into the regional meeting, with the aim of having them serve as the new clinical and research platforms in Eastern Europe and adjacent countries. With renewed cooperation with the ESU, ESUT and other partners, SEEM will present debates, state-of-the-art lectures, plenary sessions, country contests and hands-on training in laparoscopy and robotics. In addition, it will also showcase the scientific output of participating countries during the abstract and poster sessions. The award winners will be invited to present their poster at the 30th Annual EAU Congress in Madrid, 20-24 March 2015. Besides the awards, qualified young urologists will also have the chance to apply for fellowships in various specialties.

The SEEM is excellent opportunity for regional urologists to meet each other and to build friendships and cooperation. This anniversary meeting, the 10th SEEM, is a special occasion for Belgrade and Serbian urologists to offer a warm welcome and hospitality during the meeting.The major changes made to the scientific programme from the last SEEM in Thessaloniki onward are excellent and well-received by the participants. Belgrade is a city between two rivers, the Danube and the Sava, and always welcomes first-time and frequent visitors with hospitality and friendship, and with its history, culture and nightlife.

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